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Minik Atlas

Galata and Beyoğlu Discoveries in the Footsteps of The Club Series

The Netflix series The Club, which is very popular in Turkey and around the world, maintains its popularity since the day it was broadcast. This series, which presents the unique beauty of old Istanbul, definitely deserves to be watched. The Club, which takes us around the streets of Galata and Beyoğlu, also allows us to get to know Istanbul.

Göbekli Tepe and Şanlıurfa: A Journey through History in Turkey’s Most Mystical City

Imagine a city that every corner has a mystical atmosphere and manages to surprise you with its architecture and different cultures. Şanlıurfa is such a place where you enjoy exploring this city blended with history, architecture and nature.

Eastern Express: Turkey’s Most Beautiful Landscape Train

Who wouldn't want to have this experience, which is very popular especially in the last few years and has been the dreams of everyone? It is incredible to have this experience that makes you fall in love with the scenic roads, train windows with colourful lights, the friendliness of the people of Kars! Everyone is in the queue for tickets for more than the 26-hour train journey and the Eastern Express, where the concept of time has lost its meaning. I think that, you have questions in your mind such as "How will we find that ticket?" "Do ticket sales take place at certain times?" "Where will I find the patience to buy this ticket?" Now, you should listen to my tips so you can experience the Eastern Express before winter ends.

Salda Lake: Beautiful Sunset on Turkey’s White Beaches

Many people visit Salda Lake, which we have seen and heard about frequently on social media lately Salda, which is frequented by those who come to camp with its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, always maintains its popularity. Another feature that makes this place special is the sunset. With…