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Galata and Beyoğlu Discoveries in the Footsteps of The Club Series

The Netflix series The Club, which is very popular in Turkey and around the world, maintains its popularity since the day it was broadcast. This series, which presents the unique beauty of old Istanbul, definitely deserves to be watched. The Club, which takes us around the streets of Galata and Beyoğlu, also allows us to get to know Istanbul.

Ladino, the forgotten language of Sephardic Jews, is spoken in the series. Set in the 1950s, the series presents the audience with sections from Turkey and Istanbul of that period. The historical buildings and lively streets in the series were shot in today’s Istanbul. If you want to explore Istanbul on the trail of the Club, check out this list.

            Tercüman Çıkmazı, Beyoğlu

            You remember the scenes where Matilda’s daughter Raşel and her only love İsmet kiss in the rain. There was a passage in one of those scenes, and this passage is located in Tercüman Çıkmazı. This street, which you can easily find when you come down from Kumbaracı Yokuşu, also offers a very nice atmosphere with its historical houses.

            Kırım Church, Galata

            Kırım Church, built in the 1800s and located near to Galata’s famous street Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, fascinates everyone with its architectural structure. On the street where the church is located, there are apartments and historical buildings lined up side by side. One of these buildings is the apartment where İsmet left Rasel. Raşel said that she lived in one of these apartments and İsmet had left her here. Although this street takes place at dusk in the series, you will love it when you go here during the day.

            Courtyard Apartments where Matilda Heard Yo Era Ninya, Şahkulu Street, Galata

            A song was playing as Matilda came down the stairs in a place lined with houses with a large courtyard. Matilda heard the song Yo Era Ninya here and this song took her to the past. This building is located on Şahkulu Street in Galata. This building, which is located on the left after crossing the street where the Barnathan Apartment is located, is private property and is closed to public. However, it is possible to see the courtyard and apartments through the doorways.

            Tünel Square, Beyoğlu

            Tünel Square, which takes place in many scenes of the series, makes you feel the spirit of that period with its lace-like embroidered buildings. The square, which takes on another beauty with the nostalgic tram, welcomes you with surprises as you go to the side streets. Tünel metro opened in Turkey after the world’s first metro opened in London reminds us of the years when time passed slowly.

            Markiz Patisserie, İstiklal Street, Beyoğlu

            Raşel and Mordo’s engagement ceremony was held is the Markiz Patisserie. Although this patisserie is currently closed, when you look through its window, you can see the Art-Nouveau paintings of J.A. Arnoux, famous for his works depicting the four seasons, l’Automne (autumn) and le Printemps (spring). These two huge paintings covering the walls still preserve their beauty despite the years.

            Raşel Salomon Aseo Apartment, Beyoğlu

            Matilda went to take Raşel with her and told her story in front of a building. The building where she used to live is referred to as the Rasel Salomon Aseo Apartment in the series. This apartment is now owned by Gallery Apel and used to be called Apelyan Apartment. Located at the back of Galatasaray High School and integrated with the stairs next to it, this apartment continues to stand with all its beauty.

            Matilda’s House, Kuveloğlu Inn, Eminönü

            The building, which appears as Matilda’s house in the series, is located in the historical inn in Eminönü. Built by a French architect in the 19th century, this inn has a pita shop and a teashop, famous for its pita breads cooked in an Ottoman-style oven. On the upper floors of the inn, there are still active leather shops.

            The club won the admiration of everyone with its magnificent stages, streets and avenues that take us to old Istanbul, the subjects it covers, and above all its terrific cast. The series, which was shot in the second season, will continue to make the audience feel nostalgic. I wonder which Istanbul the new episodes will show us. We look forward to it!

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