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Salda Lake: Beautiful Sunset on Turkey’s White Beaches

Many people visit Salda Lake, which we have seen and heard about frequently on social media lately Salda, which is frequented by those who come to camp with its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, always maintains its popularity. Another feature that makes this place special is the sunset. With the magnificent sunset here, it is impossible not to admire the natural beauties of this area. 

Salda, a crater lake, was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption and its colour is turquoise. For this reason, it is known as Turkey’s Maldives. Salda Lake, whose deepest measurable point is 185 meters, has the distinction of being one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Turkey.

Did you know that there is a lake in Turkey with the characteristics of Mars? Yes, you heard right, the legendary Salda Lake has these features. There are white rock-like formations in Salda, but when you take them in your hands, you realize that it is a white sediment. These structures, which are known as stromatolites in science, were also found on Mars. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Transportation and Accommodation

Salda Lake is located in the Yeşilova district of Burdur province. You can go to the turquoise waters of Salda in about 1 hour by car via Burdur. Another option is to reach here via Denizli. You can go to Salda in about 1 hour by renting a car from Denizli airport.

The municipality has a facility in Salda Lake and there are bungalows and ready-made tents. Tourists or locals spend time on this side. Therefore, this place is very crowded. When we went to Salda, we could not find a place in the bungalows because there was no reservation in advance, but we found a tent. For this reason, we stayed overnight in a tent set up by the municipality by the lake. It was very pleasant to be alone with the sound of the lake during the night, as only the tents and bungalows’ guests stayed in the evening.

If you cannot find a place in tents and bungalows by the lake, you can stay in hotels in Yeşilova district. Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming. You may experience a small shock when you first come to this beautiful district, which has not fallen into the trap of modernism and has almost frozen itself in the 1980s. You will feel warm when you see that the tea is 3-4 TL, the buffets that only make delicious toasts and the traditional dessert (shredded wheat dessert). It is very likely that you will return to your childhood in Yeşilova, which is one of the rare places that can still preserve its texture.

Note: When you go to Yeşilova, make sure to eat mixed or egg mince toast at Gül Tost. The best toast we have ever eaten was here, for sure.

Short Tips about Salda Lake

As far as we have observed, the majority of those who come to Salda Lake see only the western shore of the lake, that is, the part where the municipality facility is located. However, the most beautiful places in Salda are the eastern shore of the lake. There are no buildings or settlements here. It is easy to fall in love with Salda on this side where the lake view and silence dominate.

Rent a Tent in Salda Lake

We recommend that you rent a tent at the municipality’s facility and stay here for one night. It would be beneficial to research if there are other campsites around the lake and to take a tent with you accordingly. Since we did not want to move tents, we rented tents in the facility and fell in love with this area, especially by walking around the lake, which gets quiet at night, and watching the stars.

Legendary Sunset at Salda Lake

As we mentioned above, you should definitely go to the east coast, which is the most untouched place of Salda. Do not leave Salda without driving around the lake. When you start to wander around the lake after the municipality facility, slowly drive eastward when you pass the White Islands and Pideci Sami Usta. Then keep driving and in the middle of nowhere, you will see the unique view. You will admire the sunset here.

Beautiful White Islands in Salda Lake

Especially in the summer months, when the waters recede, seven white islands emerge. It is impressive to see this view from the top of the road. We rushed towards the islands and filled ourselves with joy. It is impossible not to love Salda with its white sand, clear turquoise water, nature and cliffs.

Enjoy Pita at Pideci Sami Usta

The delicious part of Salda Lake is Sami Usta’s legendary pitas. Eating pita and drinking Turkish soda in the trees against the lake view will be very good. There is nothing like listening to the birdsong in nature and swallowing Sami Usta’s finger-feeding pita.

Shall We Swim in Salda Lake?

The water of Salda Lake is good for the skin due to the magnesium and clay in the water. In fact, you can swim in the lake. Many people were already swimming in Salda when we were there. However, there are too many water snakes in the lake. That is why we did not want to swim. Therefore, it is up to you whether to swim in Salda.

The unique beauty of nature, white beaches, untouched areas where you can escape from the crowd, a beautiful sunset and a night under countless stars… These details are the first things that come to our minds when we think Salda. As we discover Turkey, we witness many natural and historical beauties of this country and we admire each one of them. Do not forget that “the issue is not where the last stop is, but what kind of memories and experiences there are!” So what are you waiting for?

Go, travel, explore… life is beautiful when you travel!

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